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About Us

Atbon a.s. is a renowned Czech-Slovak software company operating on the market since 2008. We deal with the development of complex IT solutions, focusing on business management, its integration, process processing and, last but not least, the presentation of this information through document and content management systems.

In providing consulting services, we rely on years of experience and knowledge of the Czech and Slovak market, which is based on the latest knowledge and methods. We consistently adapt our workflows to the needs of the market. In our activities we follow the principles that lead to the satisfaction of our clients and ensure their lasting, long-term prosperity, including:

  • partners, mutually beneficial relationships based on respecting the client’s needs – we work as consultants in your business activities,
  • consistent organization and management of the project on the basis of clearly defined objectives and priorities,
  • by joint assessment of the course of the project and the achievement of partial objectives,
  • setting up multi-functional problem-solving teams and creating a positive atmosphere for the implementation of the measures.

We have built a strong position, amongst others, in these areas:

  • strategic management Balanced Scorecard,
  • process electronization and automation,
  • process management including workflow and business process reengineering,
  • risk management,
  • project management,
  • form solutions.