Q-integra eOffice

Electronic office

The e-office fully replaces the “paper” sort of the classic office = it automates the administrative and business processes of the company, minimizes the effort and time requirements for individual activities.

The e-office primarily consists of tools for effective internal and external electronic communication, which ensures company information sharing, unification of communication channels in the company, organization, planning, and control of corporate activities.

Q-integra eOffice is a part of Q-integra for web.

My tasks

  • task management at one centralized location,
  • bulk task status changes,
  • progressing tasks.


  • ergonomic html or pdf forms,
  • built-in logic and dynamic changes,
  • checking input data.


  • clear dynamic reports,
  • the ability to sort columns,
  • filtering by field content.


  • managing business documents and connecting them to email and tasks,
  • centralized task management,
  • tools for effective internal and external communication,
  • interconnected with standard office packages,
  • ergonomically designed forms,
  • preset drop-down lists,
  • implemented controls and limitations of adjustments resulting from process logic,
  • automated conversions.


  • collecting, organizing, monitoring, evaluating and exchanging information,
  • approval procedure, comment procedure, electronic signatures of approvers,
  • planning, organizing and controlling corporate activities,

Application examples

  • Q-integra Directory – Q-integra administration and configuration tool (setting generally applicable rules, setting authority and responsibility for Q-integra applications),
  • Q-integra Workspace – a workspace created for task management for the whole Q-integra system (handling steps of individual processes – approval, rejection, registration…) with the option of bulk task processing, task delegation and appointing a delegate for the duration of absence,
  • Q-integra Converter – makes possible the conversion of electronic documents into legally specified formats and conversion of various files (scanned documents / books / images) into formats that are text-editable,
  • Q-integra Vacations – support for “Holidays and Time-off” in an electronic environment (requesting and approving paid leave with automatic calculation of work days taken off – taking into account public holidays and weekends),
  • Q-integra Travel Orders – support for “Business Trips” (issuing and approving travel orders for business trips, including subsequent billing and approval of expenses and reports for the business trip),
  • Q-integra Order – applications specifically tailored to customer requirements.